Saturday, September 26, 2015

EDAD 536 Leading with Instructional Technology

Day One Reflection

We ended our class today with one of Sir Ken Robinson's well known TED talks on education. His final comment related to students bringing their dreams to our feet every day. He ends by reminding us to "tread lightly". I thought about this comment as it relates to his belief that we need to cultivate each students' passions and desires while preparing them for scores of careers and diverse futures. Our current educational system does not allow many of our students to cultivate their interests and passions with the exception of a few classes. If the student's passion is not represented in our master schedule, how then do we cultivate that passion and develop their individual needs? It sounds impossible, overwhelming and at times can crush the motivation of educators who want all of our students to be prepared and successful in their future.

In our discussions concerning the use of technology, the skeptics, the utopians and everyone in the middle, I can't help but think that technology is one way for us to reach the unique individuals in our classrooms. Many of the standards we are required to teach students have the flexibility to be adjusted to become relevant for many, and in some cases, all of our students. Teachers armed with the intent to make their student's experience relevant and the technology to allow students to connect their class learning with their individual passions can begin to couple students with their future while at school. Isn't that the point? 

I know many will respond that we don't have the resources to put technology into everyone's hands, but the truth is we do if we allow ourselves and our students to access different types. Many of our students have cell phones, teachers usually have at least one computer and it benefits students to have to share resources and work together when their isn't enough technology for one-to-one. In fact, we shouldn't provide one-to-one. Students need to work together consistently and for a large part of their day. Collaboration is a vital soft skill that is underdeveloped in the K-12 system. 

Do you think technology can be a tool to diversify student experiences in the classroom and allow students to connect with their interests and passions? Can we make their education more relevant with the technology we use and how we use it? 

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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful and reflective comments, Kyle. Your questions throughout your entry here reinforces the notion that technology is a tool that supports the work of a well-equipped teacher to inspire the passions and interests of students. I'm very interested in how technology-infused learning supports your very unique context in Oregon City. Thanks for being a part of this journey. I look forward to further conversations as we plough ahead!